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Whole Body
Local Cryotherapy
REcryo Facial

A whole body cryotherapy (WBC) session consists of a

2-3 minute session in the cryochamber which is cooled with liquid nitrogen to maintain temperatures colder than -175°F.


Whole body cryotherapy helps reduce muscle soreness, pain and inflammation while also increasing energy and accelerating muscle recovery.

Introducing the REcryo Facial!

Exposing the face, scalp and neck to the cold Nitrogen promote skin tightness, collagen production and pore reduction.

Another benefit includes hair follicle stimulation on the scalp


Ladies can even have the treatment done with their makeup on.

Hours of icing can be replaced with only 6-10 minutes of a LOCALIZED stream of liquid nitrogen vapor directed at a specific area of the body.


Experience faster recovery by decreasing pain, inflammation and swelling.

Local cryotherapy sessions can be done after WBC for additional benefits.